Payrope SMS Platform Client Terms of Use

This is an agreement between you the USER or CLIENT and PAYROPE LIMITED (PAYROPE).

Sign up

Sign up to the Payrope SMS Platform is for FREE and is valid for a lifetime.

Free Services

The Payrope SMS Platform allows you to use its Fundraising, Competition & Promotion features to raise revenue from Mobile Network Subscribers for free.

Bulk SMS System

This system allows you to compose and send notification texts to various contact lists you set up in your account. A subscription fee or a once off setup fee may apply depending on the market, and Bulk SMSs have to be bought and uploaded into your account for you to send out text notifications. These may be charged at market rates, which will differ from one market to the next and also between Mobile Network Operators.

SMS Digital Download Service

This service allows you to upload a digital file onto our SERVERS which can be supplied to a subscriber as an encrypted link in a response SMS to the subscriber. Depending on the Size/Type of file you may be required to pay a small fee for server space and for setting up a keyword using this unique application.

Usage of the Payrope SMS Platform

By signing up to the Payrope SMS Platform you are agreeing to be a CLIENT or USER on the Platform and will conform to all the Terms that follow;


What is an SMS Keyword? An SMS Keyword is a word that a Mobile Network subscriber sends to a Shortcode in order to solicit information or a service e.g. SMS “INSURE” to 54545 and an agent will call you (where the word “INSURE” is the SMS Keyword Subscribers send for that call back service).


It is assumed that you have full rights and authorization to share any content or information being supplied by you to Subscribers through your account Keywords. It is assumed that the dissemination of any such content from you is not in violation of any laws or any copyrights a third party may hold over the content you are disseminating. Any such violation could result in a fine, your Keyword being permanently blocked, your account being deactivated and/or legal action being taken by the third party whose rights you have violated.


For all competitions being carried out on the system it is assumed that;


For all Fundraising efforts being carried on the system it is assumed that;

Harmful Content


You will not allow, mislead or encourage the public to blame or defame Payrope or its affiliates for the performance of services you are rendering. In circumstances where the public is misdirecting their frustration with your services to Payrope and/or its affiliates, you will be sure to promptly take responsibility for your service or campaign and communicate with them otherwise, in order to protect Payrope and the Platform’s reputation. Failure to do so may result in your removal from the platform.


It is understood that Payrope Limited or any of its affiliates are not liable for damages received by Client from third parties or from legal claims issued against you (Client) by Subscribers for any reason whatsoever.

Communication & Disclaimers


Privacy of Subscribers

Because the SMS Gateway and Shortcodes being used on this platform belong to Payrope and the Payrope SMS Platform, Payrope reserves the right to hide and protect the details of the Subscribers sending the Keywords to the system. That is, phone numbers of Subscribers or any other sensitive subscriber details will not be provided to you (except for services where a direct correspondence with a subscriber is required such as an Inquiry service or competition winner).

Your Privacy and Contact information

We value your personal information and we will not give it or share it with third parties. Save that which may be required by the law. Furthermore, the contacts saved to your account for notification purposes are considered private and neither Payrope nor Payrope Affiliate staff have access to them. We do not see them and we do not send any messages or advertisement to them. You are the only person on the system who can access your saved contacts and send messages to them.


Payrope reserves the right to use the analytical data it compiles on any activities happening on its Gateway, including activities surrounding Keywords, for its own purposes in addition to the publishing of annual reports etc. Payrope also reserves the right to change or update these Payrope SMS Platform Client Terms of Use without notice and for any reason whatsoever. You understand that the views expressed in content by you or other users on the Platform do not necessarily reflect those of The Payrope SMS Platform, The Payrope Company or its Affiliates. Therefore, Payrope and its Affiliates will not be liable for any damages caused or experienced by you or third parties as a result of any services or content made available through our platform.

No Guarantee

Payrope aims at providing its services to the best of its capacity. However, this does not guarantee that its servers or services may not experience downtime or occasional bugs, as is the nature of information technology. In circumstances where our services are being affected by technical difficulties we will undertake to remedy the situation as quickly as possible once it has been brought to our attention. Payrope however will not be held liable for any losses incurred by you (Client) or your customers (Subscribers) as a result of such technical difficulties.


Payrope reserves the right to change, remove or introduce fees for specific services on its platform as it sees fit from time to time.


  1. All amounts due to you our Client are subject to TAX deduction, and deduction of all relevant fees from Mobile Network Operators and Payrope before they are remitted to you.
  2. All payments to you will be made by Cheque or by Electronic Fund Transfer from Payrope’s SMS Account to the Bank Account specified by you during the sign up process.
    Be sure that the Account Specified is correct, is a stable one and is devoid of arrears, as you may not be able to change the designated account for payments once you have created it.
  3. Because money has to first be collected from Mobile Network Operators before it can be passed onto our clients, any delays on payment on the part of MNOs are out of our hands and we will only be able to forward those funds to you once we have received them. That is, delays in payments from Mobile Network Operators or their third parties, will result in delays to your payments from Payrope or our local affiliates.
  4. Every payment made to you will be accompanied with a slip that is emailed to you or your user account for reference.
  5. Payments for amounts below K15,000.00 will not be paid out (you do not forfeit whatever amount you have already raised. It is only paid out to you once it reaches or passes the K15,000.00 mark).


You will NOT be required to bill Payrope to get your payments. Payrope will automatically pay monies due to you monthly as Mobile Network Operators make remittances, or within 8 weeks after the end of the month your campaign completes in. This may differ from Network to Network and as per service you are running on the Platform.


For every SMS sent to our Shortcode with your Live Keyword in it, you are entitled to a portion of the money made from it (this does not apply to a deactivated keyword or discontinued service). The Mobile Network, as well as Payrope are also entitled to a portion of that money generated. The amounts will vary as different Mobile Network Operators take different portions, but also some Mobile Network Operators may take less or more depending on the denomination of the Shortcode. That is, less money could be taken by a Network e.g. Vodacom (RSA), for every R10.00 SMS than is taken by it for every R2.00 SMS. Giving you an opportunity to make more money the higher the denomination. Rates and fees are indicated as well as reflected in your user account. For example, for a Standard Download SMS you could expect to earn between 20% to 40% in RSA and 15% to 30% in MW depending on the SMS charge.
Examples (South Africa & Malawi) Net Payments:
VodacomPayropeClient (You)
SMS ChargeR5.002.290.602.11
TNMPayropeClient (You)
SMS ChargeK65.0039.0016.259.75
(These are the amounts you would expect to get after all relevant taxes and fees have been removed).

Turnover frequency

Revenue generated by clients on the system may be remitted to them on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on whether the service being run is an Inquiry, a Fundraiser, a Competition or Promotion or a Digital Download Service as may be required by the Law or Payrope’s Policies. The turn over frequency may also be affected by the duration of the campaign e.g. if a fundraiser is set to be run for 3 months, payment of funds raised may be received after the 3 months have elapsed not before.

Shortcode Charges

  1. SMS charges to Subscribers sending Keywords to our SMS Gateway are specific to each Shortcode and each particular Mobile Network. As such, they may vary from Shortcode to Shortcode.
  2. Payrope SMS and Mobile Network Operators reserve the right to set these charges as they see fit for each specific Shortcode.
    You will be able to view the charges per Shortcode, as well as choose which Shortcodes to put a specific Keyword on using your Payrope SMS User Account.

Right of Admission Reserved

Payrope reserves the right to deny any party or person access to their platform for any reason whatsoever, including due to breach of any or all of its terms of use or due to any criminal or illegal activities the party may be involved in.


Payrope reserves the right to delete or deactivate Keywords or User Accounts that have been dormant for long periods of time (more than 6months), as well as all their associated content from the system as part of its policy for minimizing the misuse or wastage of platform resources.

Intellectual Property

This platform remains the Intellectual property of Payrope Limited and no efforts to reverse engineer, tamper with, compromise or sabotage the platform in anyway may be undertaken by any user.
Feedback or suggestions from you on possible changes, products or improvements Payrope can do on the Platform does not constitute entering into any sort of business arrangement with Payrope or its affiliates. Furthermore, Payrope and its affiliates reserve the right to use or not use your insights or suggestions, and in the event that your suggestions are used the implementation of those suggestions belong to Payrope as part of its Intellectual Property.
Any unique features such as Payrope’s website, Terms & Conditions, messages, fonts, templates, Logo and symbols are the property of Payrope Limited and may not be used in a manner that violates Payrope’s Copyrights or Terms of Service.


Payrope reserves the right to respond to any abuse of the Payrope SMS Platform and its User Accounts with legal action or punitive measures that it deems appropriate in order to remedy the abuse or deter users from further abuse.


  1. In the event that any dispute has arisen between Payrope Limited or Its affiliates and a Client and the parties have not been able to settle the matter, within Sixty (60) days, then any party may commence mediation. The mediator maybe anyone in the business or legal sectors with at least 5 years’ experience with mediation. The mediator will be appointed/selected in agreement by both parties.
  2. To the extent permissible by Law, the outcome of the mediations shall be final, conclusive and legally binding for the parties. Pending final settlement or determination of a dispute, the Parties shall continue to enjoy their existing rights and privileges on the Payrope SMS Platform.
  3. Nothing in this Agreement shall prevent or delay a Party seeking urgent injunctive or interlocutory relief in a court having jurisdiction.
  4. In the event of a court ruling in favour of one party, the losing party will carry the burden of the legal fees of the prevailing party in addition to the remedy ruled by the court.


  • The Payrope SMS Platform reserves the right to terminate or remove a Client from its platform for any reason whatsoever.
  • You (Client) are free to delete or deactivate your Payrope SMS User Account as you wish.
  • Upon either termination, all access and activities on the terminated User Account will be frozen and Payrope, Associated Vendor’s and the Client (you) will be entitled to the full sum of Royalties due to them up to the point of termination within 8 weeks after the end of the month of that termination or as per payment terms applicable to the particular services being run. This does not include termination due to criminal activities or termination due to acts of God, war, disease, natural disaster, political unrest, or circumstances outside of Payrope or Client’s control. In which case, the proper procedure to follow with respect to any due funds or access to User Accounts would be determined as permitted by the circumstances or applicable law.
  • Death

    As services being run on the platform are of a business nature. Upon your death it is within the rights of your next of kin or business partners assigned to possess your assets upon your death to seek Payrope Offices to notify them of your passing with appropriate documentation. So that your account could be terminated or so that access and ownership to your account could be reset and transferred to them.


    Any parts of this agreement that are deemed unlawful or have come to be deemed no longer in effect will not stop the other parts of this agreement from continuing to be in effect.

    Feedback & Complaints

    All feedback or complaints should be directed to or through our available online community administrators.

    Governing Laws

    This agreement and all its contents will be construed and governed according to the Laws of the Republic of Malawi.


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